Patrol/Troop First Aid Kit

A complete first aid kit will provide a patrol or troop with supplies to treat a wide range of injuries. Items can be carried by one Scout in a fanny pack that is easy for everyone to recognize. At a minimum, the kit should contain the following:

Roller Bandage, 2-inch 1
Roller Bandages, 1-inch 2
Adhesive tape, 1-inch 1 roll
Alchohol swabs 24
Assorted Adhesive Bandages 1 box
Elastic Bandages, 3-inch-wide 2
Sterile gauze pads, 3-by-3-inch 12
Moleskin 3-by-6-inch 4
Gel pads for blisters and burns 2 packets
Antiseptic 1 tube
Triangular Bandages 4
Soap 1 small bar
Sissors 1 pair
Tweezers 1 pair
Safety Pins 12
Splint 1
Nonlatex gloves 6 pairs
Plastic goggles or safety glasses 1 pair
Mouth-barrier device for
rescue breaking or CPR
Pencil and Paper 1 each